Adris - the Past and the Present

Today, Adris grupa is one of the most successful companies in Croatia and the region and a leader according to the criteria of profitability, competitiveness and innovation.


The decision of its establishment was adopted at the General Assembly of TDR on 24 December 2003. The aim of Adris grupa, as the centre of the corporation, is to coordinate operations, management, investment and development of the entire system. Although relatively young, Adris grupa d.d. has grown on the basis of 132 years of business experience of TDR (Tvornica duhana Rovinj).  

During the creation of a new, modern company, special attention was being paid to establishing a basis for the introduction of the corporation into new attractive fields, such as tourism. This fact will provide Adris grupa with the opportunity to maintain its existing share capital and will provide the basis for its further sustainable growth.

The business strategy of Adris grupa, "Be first, be better, be different," is the foundation which engenders our mission and vision: further business development and continuation of the expansion in the domestic and regional market, with the aim of remaining the leading regional company.

Adris Today

Today, Adris grupa is one of the most successful companies in Croatia and the region and a leader according to the criteria of profitability, competitiveness and innovation. Adris is organized in three strategic business units (SBU).  Tourism with Maistra at the helm, with fast growing food industry segment, where Cromaris is its flagship. By acquiring Croatia osiguranje in early 2014, Adris became the regional insurance industry leader as well.

The Group's operations in the last decade have been marked by growth in all key performance indicators. The Group’s revenue in this period has increased by more than five times, whereas the profit has risen ten times and the Group’s capital has increased by almost 20 times.

The market value of the shares of Adris grupa has risen by more than 100 times. Adris grupa operates with an annual income in excess of three billion kuna, out of which 12 million kuna is paid to the state budget daily.

 The capital created by the Group stays in Croatia and assists the development of the economy of the country and the region, while creating jobs at the same time. In the last five years, Adris has invested more than three billion kuna and provided a livelihood not only for 8,000 of its employees, but also for an even greater numberof indirectly employed people. The impact of Adris grupa on economic, cultural and socially responsible development is particularly evident in the establishment of a unique employment program for young and educated people - The Future in Adris, as well as in the activities of the Adris Foundation. Since its establishment in 2007, the Adris Foundation has awarded over 30 million kuna through eight grant cycles for diverse and valuable projects and for more than two hundred scholarships. Thanks to the values ​​it cherishes – the structure of its employees and management, commitment of its employees, tradition and rich experience - Adris grupa asserts itself as a good employer and a reliable partner. 

Mission Statement

Secure the development of all the strategic business units, taking into account the satisfaction of the employees and consumers in the way that guarantees the growth of the stock capital, in accordance with the interests of the community in which the Adris Group operates.


 To be the regional leader in all the aspects of business operations, relying on the tradition, our own resources and an innovative and dynamic market approach.

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