The funds of the Foundation can be allocated exclusively with the aim of accomplishing the purpose of the Foundation (Article 4 of the Statute of the Foundation), through the following programs: 

Knowledge and Discovery: a program of support for pupils and students, scientists and innovators, scientific and research projects.

Creativity, Ecology, Heritage and Goodness: a program of support for artistic creativity and artists, support for projects that contribute to the protection and preservation of Croatian authentic identity, support for humanitarian projects and support for children without parental care. 

The Knowledge and Discovery Program includes:

  • scholarships for gifted high school students and undergraduate and graduate students or students of integrated undergraduate and graduate programs, post-graduate students attending professional and scientific programs and students of doctoral studies at universities in Croatia and abroad
  • individual and group projects that promote knowledge, scientific discoveries, excellence and innovation in Croatian society
  • scholarships for studying or vocational training for pupils, students, innovators and scientists at foreign universities and other institutions
  • student competitions in knowledge and other professional activities of pupils and students
  • organizing conferences that contribute to the development of science and discovery, financing scientific and professional journals
  • rewarding inventions and discoveries, as well as the extraordinary success of individuals and institutions
  • equipping schools, faculties and other educational institutions with science and technical equipment. 

The Creativity, Ecology, Heritage and Goodness Program includes;

In the field of Creativity:

  • financing projects of Croatian artists
  • assisting the organisation of highly valuable artistic and cultural programs (exhibitions, performances, concerts, professional journals...)
  • supporting other projects and programs which encourage creativity in Croatian society and support Croatian artists

In the field of Ecology:

  • funding educational programs aimed at raising environmental awareness in Croatia
  • funding local community projects aimed at raising environmental standards and public awareness, as well as other projects related to the development of ecology in Croatian society 

In the field of Heritage:

  • financing nature conservation projects, projects in conservation of Croatian cultural and historical heritage, as well as their promotion in Croatia and abroad
  • financing the restoration and renewal of Croatian antiquities (cultural monuments) and art (paintings, furniture, jewellery...) 

In the field of Goodness:

  • direct grants for individuals, especially children
  • donations to institutions providing care for children and people with disabilities and special needs
  • funding projects with humanitarian goals (helping the needy and disadvantaged, children without parental care...).

In assessing the project applications and programs, based on the availability of current and future funds, the following general criteria will be administered: 

  • quality of project proposals/programs and their contribution to achieving the objectives of the Foundation
  • originality, degree of innovation and progress, and realistic and transparent financial estimates
  • contribution of the project/program to the overall development of society
  • strategic importance of the proposed project/program and its ability to improve the program area
  • value of other submitted projects and programs. 

For some Foundation programs, specific criteria for the allocation of funds are laid down, in accordance with their purpose. 

The criteria for the allocation of funds for the program Knowledge and Discovery are:

  • excellence - pupils and students with above average grades who are engaged in scientific and research projects, who won awards in competitions, published scientific or professional papers, etc.
  • financial status of pupils and students
  • originality and significance of the project/program for Croatian science and its promotion in the world
  • reputation and achievements of the institution and/or the coordinator who submitted the application.

The criteria for the allocation of funds for the program Creativity, Ecology, Heritage and Goodness are;

For the field of Creativity:

  • top artistic achievements
  • originality of projects, programs/areas and their possible significance for Croatian culture (preference given to the programs promoting Croatia's autochthonous identity and creativity and which are lacking in Croatia) 

For the fields of Ecology and Heritage:

  • innovation, quality and clarity of the program (preference given to programs intended for a wider variety of people, which are easy to implement and understand)
  • possibilities of implementation and tangible benefits of the project/program designed to raise environmental standards in local communities
  • value of the elements of Croatian culture and the natural environment and the idea of their preservation/promotion in the world 

For the field of Goodness: 

  • urgency or necessity of providing the required assistance
  • material status and medical condition of the applicant or the person on whose behalf the application is submitted
  • significance of the project/program for general societal or public benefit
  • priority is given to the families with several children in the same household, families with inferior social status and families who reside permanently in the area of ​​special state concern.

The Procedure for the Allocation of Funds 

After the adoption of the planned annual budget for each of the Foundation’s programs, once or twice a year the Foundation Board announces a tender for the allocation of funds. The tender, which includes the prescribed conditions and criteria, is simultaneously issued in daily newspapers and on the website of the Foundation. 

All submitted project applications/programs/and candidates for scholarships should abide by the terms and requirements of the tender. Otherwise, the applications will not be taken into consideration. 

Based on the Council’s evaluation of proposals and projects / programs and candidates for scholarships, the Foundation Board discusses the proposed list and decides on the allocation of grants or scholarships. The mutual rights and obligations of the recipients of donations or scholarships will be regulated in detail by a contract. 

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