General Information About the Program

Reasons for Starting the Program

In the circumstances when unemployment generally, but especially youth unemployment is reaching its peak in Croatia, Adris grupa has decided to encourage positive processes in Croatian society by launching "The Future in Adris,” a unique program of internship and employment of educated young people. 

As one of the leading Croatian companies according to the criteria of innovation, competitiveness and profitability, by providing opportunities for young and educated people who are looking for challenges, Adris grupa continues to encourage and reward excellence and work, promote knowledge and responsibility, as well as the overall economic growth and development of Croatia.

Adris grupa has enjoyed the status of one of the most desirable employers in Croatia and the region for years. Continued investment and the improvement of employees' rights are some of the most important reasons why Adris is one of the most successful and most desirable Croatian and regional companies.

The innovative program "The Future in Adris" once again opens the doors of the company to young and educated people with a vision of their own development, inviting them to prove themselves in the corporate world. It provides young people with the chance of landing a good and secure first job and the possibility of subsequent progress and development. Within a few years, program participants have the possibility to become fully equipped Adris managers and technologists, i.e. professionals who will use the acquired knowledge to lead themselves and Adris grupa masterfully into the future.

The program "The Future in Adris" is conceived as a unique one-year program at the national level, which provides the best educated young people with the opportunity to experience the one-year internship in the units of Adris grupa. The best of them will also be offered employment and continuous professional development.

By launching the program of employment of the best young interns, Adris grupa provides a clear answer to the challenges posed by the current low employment rates of young, educated and talented people. Through this program, Adris grupa solves the problem of brain drain and low competitiveness of the Croatian economy. It also contributes to solving the Croatian crisis and creating a new vision for the future. At the same time, by continuously investing into people, who are the greatest corporate value, Adris grupa wants to provide Croatia with a new vision of development and optimism, altering the established rules and the pessimistic national mentality.

In 2010, thanks to the first cycle of the program "The Future in Adris," Adris grupa became the first company in Croatia that launched a public internship employment program, which had not previously existed in Croatia. The aim was to encourage changes in the Croatian corporate awareness and steer it towards hiring young professionals and enabling their development. This cycle of "The Future in Adris" gives an additional impetus to such efforts. 


To provide work for the best educated young people in Croatia by promoting excellence, knowledge, work and responsibility. 


To initiate positive trends in Croatia by hiring educated young people without work experience, to inspire changes in the social consciousness about the importance of young educated people and to set new standards of corporate social responsibility.


To create a new generation of employees of Adris grupa who will contribute to its development and who will strengthen its position in the global market. To create a new trend in the Croatian economy by encouraging greater employment of educated young people without work experience. To support the Croatian state on its way out of the crisis.


Excellence, knowledge, work, responsibility, motivation and cooperation. 

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