Notice to Adris shareholders on the submission of data for dividend payment

When acquiring shares of Adris grupa, please submit the data necessary for the calculation and payment of dividend specified in the form available in the appendix to this notice

Dear shareholders,

Adris grupa d.d. performs its own dividend calculation and payout into the shareholders’ accounts in accordance with the balance defined by the relevant Dividend Payout Decision.

Please submit the information required for dividend calculation and payout, as listed in the form enclosed to this notice, when acquiring the shares Adris grupa d.d., or by the dividend payout date defined in the relevant Dividend Payout Decision adopted by the General Assembly of Adris grupa d.d. at the latest by mailing the completed form to Adris grupa d.d, V. Nazora 1, 52210 Rovinj, or emailing it to

Please note that submitting/updating the information required for dividend payout with the Central Depository and Clearing Company is not sufficient. You are required to submit it to Adris grupa d.d. as well.

We will not be able to pay out your dividend if we have inaccurate/incomplete information required for the payout on record. In particular, pay attention if the domicile/place of residence specified on your “PK” tax form (the address used for taxation purposes) differs from your address registered with the Central Depository and Clearing Company. If in doubt about your address for taxation purposes, please contact your local tax authority.

We would also like to inform all shareholders who are eligible for dividend payout and who have not yet received their divided to submit the required information as stated above. The dividend will be paid out after all required information is submitted.

Please note that you must submit the information and documentation only for the person registered as the owner of the shares.
Adris grupa d.d.


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