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Each use of the website is subject to a series of the conditions described below. Documents published on the website may not be copied unless the copies are used for non-commercial and personal use. In addition to the above-mentioned restriction, copying is permitted only with the quotation of all reserved remarks and warnings of copyright, remarks on other ownership of any type, and all restrictions from responsibility as listed on this webpage. Any type of copying, reproduction or distribution of information contained within this website is permitted only with the prior explicit consent of Adris Group d.d.

Adris Group d.d. shall make all necessary efforts in order to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up-to-date, but gives no guarantee in the respect of their accuracy or timeliness. All users of the website agree with the fact that they personally take upon themselves all risks concerning the use of the contents of this website. Adris Group d.d. hereby is excluded from any responsibility for any direct or indirect damages incurred or which could be incurred from the accessing, use or inability to use as well as for any errors or in the content of information on this website. Adris Group d.d reserves the right to make any changes to the content of this website, at any time and for any reason, without prior announcement, and is excluded from any responsibility for possible consequences of such changes.

This website includes information of third parties and links to other internet sites over which Adris Group d.d. has no control. Such information is appropriately marked, and indicated the right of ownership by the third party where we considered this to be necessary and where this was possible to note. Adris Group d.d. can make no guarantees in terms of the accuracy or any other characteristics of that information and takes no responsibility for that information.

All the photographs and information contained within the website are subject to copyright.

Adris Group d.d. respects the right of privacy of visitors to its on-line sites and shall collect information on the identity of the person, such as name, address, telephone number and email address only when such are offered voluntarily. This information shall be used in order to satisfy your requests for information and from time to time, they shall be used in order for us to better understand your needs. As such, we will occasionally use your information to contact you. We explicitly state that Adris Group d.d. shall not sell or use your personal information in any other way other than that listed above, nor shall we transfer them to any third party without your consent. This does not include the remaining members of Adris Group d.d., to whom we may forward your personal information without your consent.

All changes to our privacy policy on the Adris Group d.d. internet site shall be posted on the website or shall be made available to you in an appropriate and timely manner.
Date of last change: 20 December 2004

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